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Jun 25 / Melanie Hopwood

Off to a new home

boulder_outsideOne of my large works is off to a new home today. It is a commission so it never was truly mine but I shall be a little sad to see it go… We’ve been through a lot together you see. The commission was for a scaled up version of one of my haiku boulders. Scaling up brought a lot of problems. The first effort kept sinking as I was building it, despite various efforts to build supports into the design etc. Managed to make it to the kiln but its bottom blew off, so to speak. So, I commissioned a large mould to support the next effort whilst building (thanks B & C Mouldmaking, in my old haunt – Stoke on Trent). Once mould arrived some hilarious antics ensued. Imagine trying to manoeuvre a huge 75 cm plaster mould (that’s v heavy already by the way) filled with about 20kg of clay. Without doing your back in. And that’s not all, then imagine trying to lower said beast into a toploading kiln. Twice. So, now you can see why it is not without a little sadness that I am saying “Goodbye”…..

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