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Apr 21 / Melanie Hopwood

New Wave Vessels

Felt compelled to revisit my earlier ‘Wave Vessel’ forms and develop them further so have been working on a few tests. Mono-printed porcelain paperclay with cobalt and copper slips and added some painterly underglaze and oxide brush strokes. After bisque firing I glazed some with satin white glaze as I had done before but did some experiments layering up further glazes on top as trying to get more depth and colour range. Pictured pieces have swift brush strokes of pink and purple glaze on top of the satin glaze which seems to be working well. Pouring the pink and purple glazes onto the white glaze had some quite horrible garish results! Pieces are currently displayed at my studio during our open studios event this weekend then some will probably be heading off to one of my galleries, think they’ll go particularly well in coastal locations.

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