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Mar 15 / Melanie Hopwood

Aaah Spring….

At last! It feels like spring is in the air, thank goodness. Brain has started to come back to  life and some ideas are bubbling away in there. Got some thoughts about revisiting some previous sculptural pieces and reworking them as a starting point to creating some new pieces. Images in my head of tumbledown factories, rusting machinery, things that moved and are now still or redundant but are being taken over and reworked by crystalline structures and mossy, licheny growths. Must remember to refind some photos of Steetley Magnasite, one of my top inspirational places of the North East – maybe I’ll even get my sketchbook out and do some real old-fashioned drawing! It’s been a while.

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  1. Sue Spencer / Mar 21 2012

    Like the trees coming to life I can hear you finding your way out of winter torpor…..

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